As Evolven’s marketing director since 2010, I directed all phases of both the creative and technical elements of marketing initiatives including event planning and organization, brand creation, print/Web collateral development, channel partner cultivation, lead generation, as well as running webinars.

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Hello! Can you hear me?

More and more people and entrepreneurs are getting into social media as a marketing venue. I am reminded of a few year ago (and even today) where everybody said, 'I need a website.'

As then, not many people knew what to do with their website. They built or paid a lot of money for someone to build it, and then it sat there. The sprightly innovators didn't know how to update the website with timely information, and didn't want to toss more money into their pricey investment. They got frustrated that they didn't see their website in Google. They didn't understand what people would look for in search that was relevant to their web's main content.

So the lonely little website sat out there in cyberspace screaming for someone to notice. Maybe in an email signature some friends would find the little site.

Then the frustration, consternation, anger and blame would descend. 'What did I waste all that money on a website? Nobody ever comes to the site! I don't get any customers!'

Now I see the same happening with Social Media for business. New ventures are jumping into Twitter, like getting behind the wheel of a car without a license. From day 1, they are Tweeting away about new offers, specials and website updates, even when they only have less than 20 followers (half of which are spammers or porn).

I hate to say it, but nobody is listening.

Social Media, like websites and webmarketing is a new dimension of marketing. Once marketing was linear, where you put an ad in a magazine, billboard, radio, or TV and people saw it. Even hanging a sign on a telephone pole for a garage sale was more certain than having a website that had not been web optimized or marketed.

Effective use of social media for marketing requires strategy, homework and a lot of cultivation.

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