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Can You Outsmart Google?


I got the following question recently.

A while ago I put Google Adsense on a web site I did.
Every time someone clicks on them, he gets some revenue.
What is to prevent someone from (unscrupulously) clicking on the ads, say, from different computers, so that he can earn a lot of money? 

Yes of course, it is an obvious scam that Google had to address.  It is not only wrong but terribly risky.
Google, for instance, would see the frequency that clicks come from similar IPs.
Even by going to a variety of different computer, the amount of different computers in different geographies required to outsmart Google would not be possible to undertake on an individual level, and eventually patterns would be seen by Google.
The punishment could definitely mean that Google removes the site from their index, dooming the site to never being found, let alone appearing in ranking.

For all the ways Google uncovers fraud see: How Do Google Adsense Detect Fraud Clicks

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