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Getting Past the Blog Post Keyword Roadblock


The Roadblock
I feel like maybe you've hit a roadblock.
So your juice was flowing. And you were on fire.
In very quick iterations, you've absorbed every piece of feedback  and ramped up your blog post.
You were on fire.
Then you heard - keywords.
Like a ton of bricks, your momentum came to a screeching halt.
You hit a  ... roadblock.
And I want to help you navigate through it.

Finding Keywords
I think the concept of selecting the right keywords can be incredibly overwhelming.
I mean, when you stick a word into the Google AdWords Keyord tool, you get a list of a hundred possible keywords
How do you know what to choose?
1. So first set your keyword goals.
     You need to select just 5 keywords
2. Put your word into this tool, try a word like 'iphoneography'
3. On the right side, you have 3 choices for how to search for your keywords
    - Broad
    - Exact
    - Phrase
    I suggest you select Broad and Exact
4. You'll end up with an overwhelming amount of keywords.
    What do you do? You want select keywords that are
    - Competition: Low
    - Global Popularity: (a large number)
    - Local Popularity: (a large number)

The Results
What do you get?
  • iphoneography Low  8,100   2,400
  • pictures app Low   110,000   49,500
  • photography application  Low  110,000 33,100
  • pictures apps Low  90,500 40,500
  • pics app Low 60,500 22,200
  • pic apps Low 40,500 12,100
Here are a bunch of keywords that have low competition but large amounts of popularity, making these keywords good targets

The Keyword Surprise 
Here is a good example of a surprise: iphoneography apps
We would have that this was an excellent keyword.
How does it fair?
- Global popularity: 170
- Local popularity: 73
This is actually a terrible keyword, which kind of goes against our intuition.

I hope this give you some more insight, and helps you to overcome the roadblock

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