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All Tweet and No Meat? Making Twitter Meaningful for Traffic Growth


Cutting down on Twitter noise and focusing on a strategy for bringing more traffic to your site is an optimum use of Twitter and harnessing its networking capabilities. Recently, I wrote about 'Cutting Down Twitter Noise' where I focused on making Twitter use more meaningful, placing as part of a traffic building strategy. This was as opposed to just dedicating your marketing energy into an endless loop of Tweeting and Retweeting, without building any kind of new flow into the hub of your operations - your site.

I saw on HubSpot a similar article which really hammered home this point in 'Is Your Online Marketing Strategy All Tweet and No Meat?'

This article highlights the issue of "Marketers who are all tweet and no meat." This phenomenon constitutes heavy activity on Twitter (or Facebook for that matter) but the activity just stays there. Since Twitter of Facebook doesn't require much  in terms of developing rich, original content - but bite sized, sometime reconstituted work - the marketer fills the pull of an easy job.

They are "leaping into social media [and] are forgetting the importance of other online marketing channels. This is a problem because social media works best in conjunction with a site that's full of fresh content like blog posts, white papers and videos."

In other words, the real marketing effort is about creating meaningful content, to pull people in, spark discussions, and provide the starting point for sharing your content over social networks. This is in contrast to just straight Twitter activity, where you hope that your activity leads others to look into your profile.

Twitter's very premise works against creating a magnet, since most serious Twitter players are following many Tweeps and see their latest Tweets as a stream, and don't go into individual Twitter channels and go deeper.

So in short, only doing social media is treading water or just creating white background noise, but if you are banging out original content worth reviewing, and then sharing it on Twitter, you are pushing your strategy forward for driving worthwhile traffic to your site.

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