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Urban Search Engine Optimization Legends


I guess this goes down with stories like alligators in the sewers. Does duplicating your original website content result in search engine penalties like having pages removed from the Google Index?

Simply put, no.

Google, in an official statement on the matter, clarified that your site was not going to be shut down as a result of having your content republished around the web. However they did explain the possible downsides of duplicating content, especially in a very malicious and spammy way. The concern for many in the internet community, especially bloggers, and search engine optimizers, was not spamming content across diverse sites, but using other portals to simply share their content more effectively. For instance, if you have a blog in Wordpress or Blogger and you blog original content regularly, you would have to work extra hard in promotional efforts to get that content noticed. An easy and common technique is then to re-blog your own original content in 'mirror' blogs in community pages, like LiveJournal. There your content gets the benefit of exposure to an established community, and gets better search engine exposure by appearing in a site with a better PR (Page Rank).

Google's major search engine function is to offer a customer the best possible results for a search, based upon the search term (keywords) that the customer has used in the Google search box.

So this is good, right?

Well you can still be zinged, but not in the way you are thinking. Often article submission plans are designed to enhance the page rank of your own website, by adding your original content to many other portals and links to your website. The zinger here is that instead of helping your website, Google may actually rank your duplicate content HIGHER than your original content. So as we noted above, the Google customer will get his information from his search, but not necessarily from your website (less traffic).

Depending on your web marketing strategy, this may not concern you. For example, if you are promoting a product or business and your duplicate content can be leveraged to find you and result in sales, then you will be less concerned. However if your main product IS your website, and driving traffic  there is a key, then you will have to consider your strategy very carefully.

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