As Evolven’s marketing director since 2010, I directed all phases of both the creative and technical elements of marketing initiatives including event planning and organization, brand creation, print/Web collateral development, channel partner cultivation, lead generation, as well as running webinars.

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5 Marketing Blogs I Follow


The idea is that for every decision a company makes, a growth hacker should ask: ”What will be the impact on growth? Truly innovative growth hackers have pioneered techniques focused on virality, email, search engine optimization & marketing.

This is Noah Kagan's premier site on startups, marketing, and self-exploration. Started 7 years ago to talk about marketing, business musings, online communities and other things, today Okdork has nearly 4,000 comments and over 750+ posts. It's for entrepreneurs, marketers, cubicle workers and people looking to kill 5 minutes.

Andrew Chen http://andrewchen.co/
Excellent marketing advice and ideas from an entrepreneur and blogger based in Palo Alto, CA, Andrew Chen.

Great marketing resource site with spot on insights from Neil Patel, co-founder of 2 Internet companies: Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. His entrepreneurial career  has helped large corporations such as Amazon, AOL, GM, HP and Viacom make more money from the web.

This site is for  entrepreneurs, and for others out there who are also fascinated with startups and what it takes to make them succeed.  So basically, this site is for and about software startups.

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