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Pimp my Tweet


Twitter lesson: Pimp my Tweet
Keywords, Hashtags, and short URLS

1. Since Twitter is limited to 140 characters, sometimes just the URL alone can fill up the whole space.
Putting up a long URL like this: http://www.theones2watch.com/newwave/1103
Having looked at the article, I am very impressed with this group of up and coming photographers.
- Yet, what would induce me to open the link?
- Moreover, how would somebody not on my follower list reach the link?

2. Short URLs
The first thing you need to do is shorten the URL.
Go to http://www.snipurl.com/ and paste the URL into the main field.
Out comes the 'short' URL http://snipurl.com/nq4mu

3. Keywords
Now with a short URL, you can make the most of your 140 characters, so add keywords.
You can't write a sentence, but use words that make the article meaningful.
For instance you can write: Photographers rising to fashion’s forefront.
You have to HOT keywords here: photographers, fashion

4. Hash tags
Hash tags (symbolized by #) are the grease in the Twitter machine.
By adding these words, you are indexed in the Twitter search mechanism.
So go ahead and hash those keywords: #photographers, #fashion

5. Posting
Now your new, 'pimped-out' Tweet is ready for posting

Shooting #images with passion, #Photographers rising to the forefront of #fashion http://snipurl.com/nq4mu

Don't overdue hashtags! Otherwise it looks like you are spamming to get noticed. Keep it simple.

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