As Evolven’s marketing director since 2010, I directed all phases of both the creative and technical elements of marketing initiatives including event planning and organization, brand creation, print/Web collateral development, channel partner cultivation, lead generation, as well as running webinars.

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Branding Twitter


At first glance, Twitter feels limited. You can change the layout, or add stuff to the sidebar (except followers/ing and favorites). But once you step back from the Tweets, you can easily extend your brand identity onto your Twitter page.

First in your Settings area you can go into the 'Design' tab and set the colors for your Twitter page: links, sidebar color etc.

Also in the Design tab you can change the background to a JPG image. More and more Twitter accounts are taking advantage of the 'prime real estate' on the left side, turning it into a left side bar with critical links, bio etc. For example here is my Twitter with a personalized background: http://twitter.com/martinperlin

A great free tool for making a cool personalized background is TwitBacks (http://www.twitbacks.com/). You just select your style, add the personalized information that you want to appear. Then you can upload this file into your Background in the Design tab.

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