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Is Google your father's search engine? Now Real-time search!


By the time I finish writing this, my comments will be out of date. I am pushing beyond 140 characters, using full sentences, and vowels. Google has kept its eyes forward, and stayed ahead of the curve, but did they slip?

Now a comprehensive, simple to use search engine is outmoded. We need to know, and we need to know now!

Really what has happened isn't so much of what Google hasn't done, but where information has flowered. With Twitter bursting on the scene, and social networks becoming the new news exchange, the traditional places on Google have slipped behind. Its like going to an encyclopedia instead of wikipedia.

According to VentureBeat, they report on 11 contenders for the Real-time Search Engine mantle. At the lead is Collecta, who claims to be the fastest of the real-time search contenders.

One of the other candidates I like is Surchur, providing a dashboard look at search results.

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